Kamaz hydrogen electric buses set for Russia
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Kamaz hydrogen electric buses set for Russia

Russia could soon see hydrogen buses taking to its streets with Kamaz presenting its first hydrogen electric bus at the Comtrans 2021 exhibition.

With Kamaz already providing breakthrough eco-friendly solutions for passenger transportation, hydrogen has been identified as an energy carrier that could become a worthy alternative to diesel buses.

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The Kamaz-6290 is the company’s solution to hydrogen-powered passenger vehicles.

The buses operate on hydrogen fuel cells with it also featuring six cylinders for compressed hydrogen which are installed on the roof of the bus as, in case of a leak, hydrogen shoots up and not into the passenger compartment.

With the hydrogen fuel cell providing 45kW of energy, the maximum speed is 80kpm with a drive range of 250km.

As well as this, the bus contains 33 seats and can carry up to 80 people and could become readily available from 2023.

Andrey Savinkov, Deputy Chief Designer of Kamaz PTC, said, “There is still work to be done. We plan to test the prototype KAMAZ hydrogen electric bus on the streets of Moscow in 2021, under actual operating conditions.

“There is an autonomous hydrogen filling station only in Chernogolovka near Moscow, so we can’t test the hydrogen electric bus elsewhere. Test drives are to be finished roughly in 2023.

“If Moscow is ready to establish the filling infrastructure of this type and use the new type of clean buses, we plan to arrange the final assembly of hydrogen electric buses at the premises of the Sokolniki Railway Car Repair and Construction Plant in the capital where KAMAZ electric buses are being assembled already.”

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