Nel proposed for $2m award from the Department of Energy

Nel proposed for $2m award from the Department of Energy

Nel Hydrogen Inc, a subsidiary of Nel ASA, has been selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) for negotiations on $2m funding to develop hydrogen compression technology for heavy duty vehicles.

The $2m proposal, which will be shared between Nel and Nikola Motor Company, follows the DOE’s $50m investment announcement for new research of technologies for trucks and off-road vehicles.

Department of Energy invests $50m in fuel research

Nel will collaborate with Nikola on the project which will target the market deployment of hydrogen fuelled zero emission heavy duty trucks which are being pursued by both companies.

The project aims to further develop hydrogen compression technology for heavy duty vehicles which provides greater capacity and cost reductions.

“We are excited to have been selected for negotiations with the DOE on this project, which will contribute to our efforts on commercialising the use of hydrogen for zero emission trucks in the US,” said Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel ASA.

“Hydrogen used with heavy duty mobility is moving faster than previously expected and we are adapting our technology to better cater for these applications.”

“Nikola is excited that Nel has received this DOE Award for their Heavy-Duty High-Speed Hydrogen Compressor. We look forward to working with Nel on this project and testing this next generation compressor along with our cutting-edge Hydrogen Storage System (HSS),” said Jesse Schneider, Executive Vice-President of Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technologies of Nikola.

“This compression technology advances the future heavy duty hydrogen fuelling standard, development of high-throughput station hardware and enables the Global Technical Regulation HHS testing.”

“Nikola Motor is building a state-of-the-art Hydrogen R&D Centre in Arizona to validate hydrogen and fuel cell technologies under extreme temperatures – ranging from Death Valley to the Arctic Circle.”

The funding selection follows a competitive application process involving thorough receive by the DOE.

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