PowerCell Sweden: A complete hydrogen electrification portfolio for the off-road segment
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PowerCell Sweden: A complete hydrogen electrification portfolio for the off-road segment

To help transition away for diesel engine-based powertrains, PowerCell Sweden is offering a complete product portfolio of hydrogen electrification products for the off-road segment.

Presenting its solutions today (16th April), the fuel cell specialist said the portfolio comprises complete fuel cell systems under the PowerCellution brand with an output from 60kW up to megawatt installations.

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“Our industrialised fuel cell systems offer customers minimised technical risk, minimised time-to-market and minimised investment costs in the unavoidable transition to zero emissions solutions,” said Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden.

“With the industrialised base products, we can offer customised solutions with the same performance as previously and that do not require customers to change their behaviour.”

PowerCell Sweden has long supported the off-road segment, which comprises construction machinery, forklifts, terminal tractors, container hoists and various types of work vehicles, uses diesel engine-based powertrains, having secured many major contracts.

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“Several of the alternatives for electrification that are available will require the end customers in the segment to radically change their behaviour, which will obviously have a negative impact on the businesses of the major manufacturers and the end customers,” Berkling added.

“PowerCell Sweden’s fuel cell-based and hydrogen-electric solutions offer them an uncompromising way out of the diesel trap because our systems offer all of the benefits of the diesel engine, but none of its disadvantages.”

“Our customers within the segment are facing an unavoidable technology shift, but here and now we can offer then an electrification solution that minimises their costs for research and development, their time-to-market and their technology risk.”

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