PowerCell Sweden launches new business area to support the adoption of hydrogen-electric solutions

PowerCell Sweden launches new business area to support the adoption of hydrogen-electric solutions

PowerCell Sweden has launched a brand-new business area as it looks to capitalise on the growing popularity of hydrogen-electric solutions around the world.

Revealed today, (Oct 1), the new business area will make it easier for customers in different segments to transition to hydrogen-electric solutions with the Transition Services set to specialise in this area.

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In doing so, the Transition Services will offer a wide range of services and products to assist customers with a choice of components and integration of technical solutions.

For major customer projects, the new division will also offer turnkey solutions.

It is believed by facilitating transitions to emissions-free, hydrogen solutions, the core business products of the company with be strengthened as it positions itself at the forefront to the hydrogen market.

Not only will this support European goals to reduce emissions but will also support the adoption of hydrogen technologies and increase its popularity.

Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden AB, said “In the past year, we have noticed how customers have transitioned from a phase in which they order occasional fuel cells for exploratory testing of our technology to beginning to calculate how hydrogen-electric solutions can offer a long-term alternative to existing and often fossil-based technology.

“Many customers will be leaving behind technology that they may have used for almost one hundred years in favour of entirely new solutions that they have minimal experience of.

“We have an important role to play in making the transition simple and smooth. We want to create security for the customer.”

US DOE, General Motors, Microsoft and Plug Power

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