Tallgrass Energy awarded funding from DOE for hydrogen production study

Tallgrass Energy awarded funding from DOE for hydrogen production study

Tallgrass Energy has been awarded funding by the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE-NETL) to advance next-generation clean hydrogen technologies.

The DOE will fund Tallgrass’ study of carbon capture associated with producing hydrogen from natural gas via an autothermal reforming (ATR) facility.

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The study’s objective is to design a commercial-scale carbon capture unit capable of capturing 1.66 million metric tonnes per year of pure carbon with more than 97% total carbon capture efficiency.

Over the coming months, Tallgrass will work with DOE officials to finalise terms and scope of the study, valued at $1.87m.

Subject to the study outcome, Tallgrass said it is evaluating the development of an ATR plant in Douglas, Wyoming, for hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage on a commercial scale.

The project will support DOE’s goal of producing hydrogen from natural gas with carbon neutral emissions, or blue hydrogen.

As a fuel, hydrogen has the potential to play a major role in reducing emissions from the electricity and transportation sectors and is also a critically important commodity for the agricultural and industrial sectors of our economy.

Tallgrass is partnering with the DOE-NETL, the University of Wyoming, Technip Energies, BASF Corporation and Haldor Topsoe on this effort.

William Moler, CEO of Tallgrass Energy, said, “Tallgrass is committed to playing a leadership role in advancing technologies that fully leverage resources such as hydrogen to deliver energy to people in a way that begins to decarbonise our world.

“Tallgrass has made significant investments in building the technical and organisational expertise to become a global leader in emerging energy technologies like hydrogen and carbon sequestration.

“In time, these technologies will grow our company and make the global energy portfolio cleaner.”

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