Tevva reveals new 7.5 tonne hydrogen fuel cell truck being prepared for mass production
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Tevva reveals new 7.5 tonne hydrogen fuel cell truck being prepared for mass production

A new 7.5 tonne hydrogen fuel cell truck has been unveiled today by British-based Tevva today (Sept 28).

Revealed alongside an electric variant, the hydrogen fuel cell truck offers ranges from up to 500km through its patented range extender technology, REX, surpassing the electric capability of 250km.

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The truck can additionally carry up to 16 European pallets and over two tonnes payload at 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

Both truck variants are expected to be mass produced and will significantly address net zero emission targets by producing clean truck variants ahead of the proposed banning of all polluting vehicles by 2035.

The Tevva Truck will be manufactured in a brand-new facility in the London Thames Freeport area providing close proximity to central London and Europe.

The facility is expected to begin manufacturing 3,000 trucks per annum by 2023.

Asher Bennett, Founder and CEO of Tevva, said, “Technology is transforming the commercial vehicle sector at pace, making it safer, greener, and entirely more efficient. But meaningful change is a gradual process, it must happen one step at a time, even if those changes are needed in fast succession.

“The Tevva Truck provides a natural transition into electrification for fleet managers, providing total peace of mind and a compelling total cost of ownership proposition, with no compromise on range and reliability.”

Hydrogen trucks, trends and technologies

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For energy intensive applications like long-haul and heavy-duty trucks, hydrogen is one of the most interesting energy carriers, presenting operators with a quiet, smooth and continuously strong performance, all without emitting any emissions. A major industry for North America, whether hauling foods, farming goods, construction materials or clothes, trucks are almost everywhere in the continent, with very few commuters being able to travel down the highway without seeing one.

Sadly, many of these vehicles emit high amounts of carbon emissions and cause great harm to the environment. However, this is something that North America, with the help of its thriving mobility sector, hopes to change with the introduction of zero emission technologies such as hydrogen.

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