US DOE provides grant to explore hydrogen opportunities in Wyoming

US DOE provides grant to explore hydrogen opportunities in Wyoming

A grant of up to $644,000 has been awarded to the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources (SER) by the US Department of Energy to evaluate opportunities and research to deploy clean hydrogen technologies.

The funding comes at a time when the SER is currently aiming to establish a centre of excellence that will be dedicated to hydrogen research at the university and support the growing hydrogens sector in Wyoming.

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The Hydrogen Energy Research Centre (H2ERC) will focus on all forms of clean hydrogen, including low-cost coal via gasification, massive natural gas resources via methane reforming, and relatively high-capacity wind energy via electrolysis, as well as potential for solar, nuclear and more.

This could be a significant development for the state and bolster its hydrogen expertise attracting further investment and economic growth.

Holly Krutka, Executive Director of the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources, said, “There is a growing focus on hydrogen as an energy carrier, but we need to assess the opportunities for Wyoming’s energy sector.

“We are so grateful to DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management for recognising the value in this project. Hydrogen is a natural fit for Wyoming energy production, as the state’s natural resources and existing infrastructure are well suited to launch a hydrogen economy.

“SER is dedicated to addressing emerging energy challenges that face Wyoming and its energy customers, and this is just one more area where we can build on Wyoming’s strengths and assess a viable technology to adapt to this rapidly changing energy landscape.”

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