White Paper: MSA Safety publishes white paper on working safely with hydrogen

MSA Safety has published a new white paper with H2 View, exploring workplace safety risks and challenges posed when producing, handling, transporting, and storing hydrogen, alongside suggested best practices, safety measures, and detection technologies.

As growing numbers of industries begin to embrace the use of hydrogen, MSA says it is important that the hazards of working with the fuel are understood, ensuring the right safety measures and systems are put in place.

With the chemical properties of hydrogen posing unique challenges, most notably, being odourless, invisible to the eye, extremely low density, and combustibility, MSA note the key risks associated with hydrogen handling are, leaks, ignition, and fire consequences.

Both hydrogen generators using water electrolysis and fuelling stations are currently governed internationally by IEC standards, which specify requirements for risk mitigation with gas detection system as one of the methods to present accumulation of ignitable gas mixtures.

MSA in its white paper explores:

  • Ultrasonic detection of hydrogen leaks
  • Low and combustible hydrogen levels: point gas detection
  • Hydrogen flame detection
  • Detectors: zones, placement, and fire and gas mapping
  • Worker protection: portable gas monitors and gas monitors

Published as part of H2 View’s White Papers platform, MSA’s paper offers presents the need for the design, installation, and planning of layered gas and flame protection systems for process industry faculties.

For more information and how to download the new white paper, visit: https://www.h2-view.com/white-paper/white-paper-working-safely-with-hydrogen/

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