myFC developing crucial BOP units for hydrogen fuel cell safety
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myFC developing crucial BOP units for hydrogen fuel cell safety

myFC has unveiled that the balance of plant (BOP) systems integrated into hydrogen fuel cells provide a nervous system with safety a crucial component of the technology.

The BOP unit, being developed by Akhil Madem, development engineer at myFC, monitors whether the fuel cells are being constantly fed with the right volumes of hydrogen via narrow tubes that lead from the gas tank.

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This is important as if any abnormalities occur, the BOP will be able to identify the issue and rectify it maintaining the healthy balance to ensure fuel cells operate efficiently.

To achieve this, the BOP ensures that all components work under good conditions, so that they do not conflict with another whilst also being capable of shutting down the application if the system senses some hazards.

To operate this support system, a certain amount of power is required but it is a negligible loss in power used by myFC specific and minimum required BOP components.

myFC explains that if you have a system that produces 100W, you generally lose less than 1W, but it might go up to 2W sometimes.

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